Episode 13

The Keys to Thriving in the Cannabis Space (Feat. Dope Magazine) | Cultivate Ep. 13

Hosted by: Boveda’s Scott Swail and Lance Lambert at the 2018 Lemon Haze Convention & Comedy Festival in Tacoma, Washington (Where in the world is Drew Emmer?)

Tips for educating new cannabis consumers without alienating the more seasoned cannoisseurs. And how to squelch stigma while the world goes green.

Featured guest David Tran, Co-Owner/Co-Founder/Chief Brand Officer DOPE Magazine

Cannabis acquisitions. Cannabis investing. Cannabis cross-branding. How do companies new to the cannabis space talk to consumers? Cannabis branding is a tricky game. DOPE Magazine Founder David Tran tells of his company's epic journey from cannabis education source to its recent acquisition by High Times, one of the best known cannabis media brands in the world. How can your company become a trusted cannabis source in the green space? Listen and learn.

How did DOPE Magazine get started? (0:55) What does High Times’ acquisition of DOPE Magazine means to the publication? (3:15) What’s DOPE Magazine’s 360 degree marketing strategy for hurdling challenges in the cannabis industry? (4:55) How to normalize use for cannabis skeptics and cannabis curious?  (6:40) How does the next generation feel about cannabis? (8:50) Are there differences in marketing to cannsumers in the U.S. Northwest versus other legalized regions? (13:06) Where will the cannabis industry be in the next five years? (15:22)

Post-harvest Is a Financial Opportunity that can Increase Average Yield Per Plant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_iIxDYqFd8

Advice For Those Wanting To Get Into The Cannabis Industry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFsJuympuGk

How To Rejuvenate Dried Out Cannabis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0dfv_1-UYQ&t=1s

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