Episode 12

How Cannabis is put to the test in Canada (feat. Keystone Labs) | Cultivate Ep. 12

What do labs test for in cannabis samples? And what must licensed producers do if data show fungus, pesticides or metals in their flower?

Featured guests from Keystone Labs: Jodi McDonald – President & Founder and Rod Szarka – VP, Marketing & Business Development

With coast-to-coast legalization of cannabis, Canada is a becoming a world leader in cannabis testing and research. Keystone Labs is a Health Canada-accredited testing facility, which offers analytical and microbiologic testing services for licensed producers and others in the green space. Cannabis is a growing portion of Keystone Labs’s business. So much so, they’ve recently partnered with EVIO Labs in the U.S.

How Keystone Labs entered the cannabis industry (2:00) How does “Keybox,” the personal cannabis test kit work? Is it like a cannabis DNA kit? (3:12) Is testing cannabis only for safety purposes? (4:15) Buying shares of Keystone Labs after it partnered with EVIO Labs ($EVIO) (6:21) Is there much competition in Canadian cannabis testing labs and how is it evolving? (9:24) Why an Ohio police department needed an MJ test (10:10) Who reaches out to Keystone Labs most often with questions about the safety of cannabis (14:30) Why a rising tide lifts all ships in the cannabis space (18:50) What’s next now that cannabis is legal in Canada? Under-the-radar growers? New strains with new terpene profiles? Growers following craft been market trend? (21:00) What’s it like working in the cannabis space as a non-cannabis consumer? (23:16) Why Canadian universities are adding cannabis programs to their fields of study (24:50)

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Watch testing at Keystone Labs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQCFsJAHTSo Learn more about Keystone Labs: https://keystonelabs.ca

Who are the scientists at EVIO Labs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K5cFyy5PMM Learn more about EVIO Labs: http://eviolabs.com

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