Episode 2

How To Get a Great Yield on Your Rosin Press + Rosin's place in the Cannabis Industry | Cultivate Ep. 02

What is cannabis rosin? What cannabis strains make good rosin? What’s wrong with using dry cannabis to make rosin? And how do you make rosin?

Get rosin questions answered by a trusted pro. Eric Vlosky of PurePressure drops by to educate about all things rosin. PurePressure makes top quality rosin presses, rosin bags and accessories in Denver, Colorado. Way to bring manufacturing back to the United States, PurePressure!

What is rosin and how is rosin made?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate made without using solvents. Rosin pressing produces a purer product than using butane or carbon dioxide to extract THC and cannabinoids to make wax, shatter, budder and butane hash oil (BHO). Forgoing chemicals, rosin pressing uses intense pressure and heat to extract pure cannabis oil. People use rosin for dabbing, in cartridges and as an ingredient in premium cannabis edibles.

Why press with quality well-hydrated flower?

When pressing cannabis, high quality in = high quality out. Rosin pressing will not save dry buds or contaminated flower. Some producers may try to pass off rosin made from flower that’s tainted by powder mildew, molds or mites. Smoking or vaping contaminated rosin is especially dangerous for medical cannabis patients. To avoid tainted rosin, connoisseurs buy rosin from a reputable dispensary or make rosin themselves.

At home, people can make rosin with an ordinary hair straightener, parchment paper, metal dabber and well-hydrated flower. Storing buds with Boveda 58% or 62% RH perfectly prepares cannabis for rosin pressing.

In #askBoveda, find out why Boveda won’t mold cannabis. Boveda cannot remove mold once it’s growing on your cannabis. Have moldy cannabis? Dispose of it responsibly. And use Boveda to avoid destroying cannabis in the future.


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