Episode 3

Conservative, Christian, Biker Turns Cannabis Advocate | Cultivate Ep. 03

Doctors often curb chronic pain by upping opiate dosages. There might be a better solution for pain relief—medical cannabis. Watch how Charlie Rutherford, Business Development Director for Boveda found relief from phantom limb pain with flower.

Why choose medical cannabis over opioids? Medical marijuana eased Charlie’s pain after a life-changing motorcycle accident. As a result, his left foot was amputated. Phantom limb pain and nerve pain became a constant, agonizing problem. Yet the doctors’ only solution to deal with this pain was to give the former motorcycle racer more and more opiates. Charlie turned to medicinal marijuana to treat insomnia caused by chronic pain. He discovered that medical marijuana is not your high school pot. Medicinal cannabis is dosed, condition-specific and regulated. He’s tried flower, vaping oil and edibles to treat pain.

Although they vary from state to state, qualifying conditions for medical marijuana patients include cancer, Tourette’s Syndrome, arthritis, seizure disorders, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Sickle Cell Disease, psoriasis, anxiety, severe nausea and more.

Who uses medical cannabis? There is no typical medical cannabis patient. Charlie himself was a cannabis skeptic. Charlie is probably not who most people picture as a stereotypical marijuana user. He’s a business professional who volunteers weekly at his church. And despite his injury, he’s a competitive athlete, who still skis, golfs and mountain bikes.

How to break the stigma of medical cannabis?Listen to patients’ personal journeys with medical cannabis. Understanding the medicinal value of cannabis will eliminate the stigma of marijuana, which keeps it from becoming more mainstream. Charlie has authentic conversations about the flower’s natural pain relief. He is instrumental in Boveda’s support of Grow for Vets, a program that provides life-saving alternatives to pills that cause addiction.

Where is medicinal marijuana headed? As of 2017, a total of 29 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico have legalized the use of the marijuana plant for medical purposes. Many medicinal cannabis programs are very restrictive. Medicinal marijuana can be hard to access and expensive. And it’s not easy to find doctors who will prescribe cannabis. More patients also need to learn how to properly store flower to retain its medicinal benefits with Boveda, the 2-way humidity control for cannabis.

#AskBoveda Does storing cannabis with Boveda prevent you from making kief? Kief is those tiny, sticky crystals that cover cannabis flower and contain its terpenes and cannabinoids. Often people harvest kief by drying flower until trichromes break off, which reduces the flower’s therapeutic value. You’ll get better use out of your flower by using Boveda to keep your cannabis at a steady 58% to 62% RH and extracting kief using a three-chamber herb grinder.


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