Episode 7

Shopping for Buds that Match Your Lifestyle (feat. Origins Cannabis) | Cultivate Ep. 07

Origins Cannabis stays true to its roots. This Washington-based cannabis brand was built with clean living, nature and education in mind. Both of the Origins Cannabis dispensaries take a unique approach to categorizing inventory to help cannabis consumers find their perfect strain. Watch guests Jon Sherman and Andrew (A.J.) Cornwall, Origins Cannabis and Lance Lambert, Boveda.


Join the Cultivate hosts on-site at the Origins Cannabis dispensary in Redmond, Washington, to find out: 

- How Origins makes shopping for cannabis easy for novices and cannasseurs (1:53)

- What’s it like to transition from the medical business to the recreational business (5:06)

- Origins policy on pesticide use by its cannabis growers (5:49)

- Origins transparency with customers (7:14)

- How to choose cannabis that’s right for you and backed by science (9:00)

- Why building relationships with growers is important for dispensaries (11:44)

- Why Origins spends a lot of time shopping so cannabis customers don’t have to (13:26)

- Why customers shouldn’t buy dry cannabis (17:30)

- Why it’s important the flower industry is moving from “Seed to Sale” to “Seed to Satisfaction” (19:00)

- When Canada is going to federally legalize recreational cannabis (24:10)


#Ask Boveda Question (Angela from Instagram):

“Can I really use tortillas to help keep my cannabis fresh?” (28:02)


For years, cannabis enthusiasts have resorted to many methods to humidify dry marijuana. People add tortillas, banana peels, apples slices, bread and other organic items to keep their jarred cannabis fresh. While absorbing some moisture from foods and food remnants, your cannabis also absorbs their flavors and aromas. 

Boveda enhances—doesn’t change—cannabis’s own flavor, aroma and effects. Boveda 2-way humidity control keeps cannabis at the optimal moisture level to prevent mold growth and retain your bud’s therapeutic benefits.

Like tortillas, the ingredients inside Boveda are food grade. Boveda uses natural salts and pure water to add or absorb water vapor to cannabis. But unlike tortillas, Boveda achieves and maintains a precise RH level for the long haul for your cannabis. No guesswork. No dried-out flower. Save your tortillas for Taco Tuesday and store your cannabis with Boveda instead.

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