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Evaporation is Depriving Consumers and Costing LP’s Millions (Feat. John Berfelo) | Cultivate Ep. 15

Featured guest John Berfelo, Medical Cannabis Cup winner & cannabis educator, delves into the Evaporation Crisis impacting the cannabis industry. Hear how everything from the quality of the flower and its terpenes to the economic value of the flower is directly impacted and affected by evaporation.

John Berfelo: https://www.youtube.com/user/vandra420

What’s in this Cultivate episode? (0:25) 2 minute cannabis industry update. (1:09) Meet John Berfelo. (3:45) The Cannabis Evaporation Crisis. (4:50) Jon Berfelo's cannabis quality experience. (6:00) How can you tell if weed is dry? (7:50) What does water activity/relative humidity have to do with cannabis? (9:45) What is moisture content in cannabis? (10:20) Why should you care about the moisture in your cannabis! (12:25) Why are terpenes important in cannabis? (13:10) How evaporation causes terpene loss. (14:10) The unintended consequence of cannabis regulation in Canada. (15:25) What ASTM standards mean for cannabis companies. (16:20) 420 Intel article. (18:15) How to address the quality of your cannabis. (20:00) Cannabis throughout the country is too dry. (22:05) Health Canada. (24:30) How to solve the dry cannabis dilemma. (25:10) How dry cannabis affects your brand reputation. (26:50) Can you rehydrate cannabis flower? (28:00) Once terpenes are gone, you can't get them back. (31:00) Why proper humidity control is essential from curing to consumption. (32:30) What is the global loss due to evaporation. (35:50) How to prevent evaporation in cannabis. (36:40) Why evaporation is a world-wide issue for cannabis consumers. (39:20) Ways cannabis companies can address over drying to turn industry around. (41:00) Why Boveda is the easy way to stop evaporation in cannabis.(43:10)

Links Talked about in this episode: • 420 Intel Article: https://bit.ly/2DaBcQ7 • Mold Recall: https://bit.ly/2v49L6e • Boveda Terpene Study: https://bit.ly/2PbbRdL

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